Loan to be redeemed.

When people talk about debt restructuring, old liabilities are replaced with a new loan. A debt rescheduling always makes sense if interest can be saved. A loan with high interest rates may have been taken out in the past. Now a new loan has been found that has significantly lower interest rates. Thus, the old loan can be replaced with the new loan and the borrower saves money with a loan to replace.

Don’t carelessly sign every contract


It is not always advantageous to pay off a loan. In addition, the applicant for a loan to be redeemed must meet some requirements. Not every loan agreement has the agreement that the loan can be redeemed early. The borrower must find out about this in advance. A law in Germany makes it easier to repay a loan early, but in such cases the bank can request compensation. This can be high, and information should also be obtained about this. The simplest thing would be to take out the new loan to be repaid from the same bank.

What should be considered when replacing?

What should be considered when replacing?

If a loan is to be taken out, more must be taken into account. Some banks charge a processing fee. This can be very different. These costs can be determined very well with a credit comparison. The annual percentage rate is particularly important because it says everything about the additional costs.

The processing fees that have already been paid for the old loan will only be paid back in part, if at all. However, the excess interest is paid in any case, so that money can be “conquered” again.

Use cheap offers

Use cheap offers

In the meantime, there are numerous offers to redeem a loan. The offers are very different and the house bank is not always the cheapest. A look at the Internet can also be worthwhile. Direct banks also offer these loans on attractive terms. So not only the banks on the doorstep are suitable for loans.

Individuals also grant loans that can be found on the Internet. Here, however, the interest rates are often very high, so that the loan seeker must be careful. Individuals often have high interest rates on lending because they know that credit is often the only way out when banks refuse to lend.

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